Hello to all.

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in September of 2011 after suffering from 13 years of debilitating chronic pain and fatigue. I was frightened and upset by my diagnosis at first, but soon realized that this would finally lead me down the path of recovery. One must know their enemy to win the battle! And I felt immense relief and justification that I AM NOT CRAZY! This is not all in my head. I am actually sick with a verifiable disease, not “just depressed” or otherwise mentally unsound or stressed. And it’s not my fault that I have this.

Thank goodness I found a physician who believed me and knew to test me for Lyme. I expect my recovery will take months to years, but it feels good to be on the right path.

More to come soon.

– Laura


One response to “Greetings

  1. Laura, I love your statement “one must know the enemy to win the battle” Cant wait to see more posts.
    Take care,


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