Byron White Formulas and Their Use in Lyme Disease

I came across this article from the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine:

The article focuses on treatment of LD with Byron White Formulas, which are broad-spectrum, herbal, anti-microbial agents. The article helps to explain Lyme Disease as a multi-factorial illness, whose treatment involves addressing the disease in a multi-faceted way: killing the pathogens, detoxification, and immune system support.

I like this article because it helps the reader understand that LD is much more than a simple infection. In the very beginning the disease can be successfully treated with a simple antibiotic regimen. But when the infection is left undiagnosed and untreated for years it penetrates the CNS and organs, and affects the immune system and the entire body in myriad ways. As everyone is different, the disease manifests itself somewhat differently in each patient.

I often cite sources from the alternative medicine camp. As a scientifically minded person who worked in medical research for ten years, I would prefer more scientific papers and information from conventional medicine. Unfortunately, it does not seem that conventional medicine has a true understanding of the chronic, late-stage form of Lyme Disease at this time. All of the groundbreaking and truly helpful information I come across is from the alt. med. perspective. And, indeed, I am slowly overcoming this disease with help of an Integrative Medicine/Naturopathic practitioner. I look forward to the day where allopathic and alternative medicine join forces and provide integrative, holistic care for all of us.

– Laura

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