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Financial Help for Lyme Patients: Temporary Housing in Wisconsin

A new lodge is being opened in Wisconsin, due to the great work of Nurse Marjorie Moorehouse, for the temporary housing of Lyme patients, nationally.  The goal is to have homeless Lyme patients for several months until they can get them in a permanent environment, with Disability, Social Services benefits, etc.

Donations are needed to keep this project afloat for costs; food; individual supplies such as shampoo, etc.; transportation costs for Lyme disease patients from other states to the location; salaries for two nurse supervisors; and salary for the groundskeeper/janitor.

Each patient would have an individual room, already furnished.  There is a great room, utility room, a room with rehab equipment, and a massive kitchen.

Please donate securely through PayPal on this website: You can also mail your donations to: LDUC PO Box 465 Boone IA 50036.  To get your questions answered call 515-432-3628.

Many Lyme patients are very weak and sick, and are soon to be evicted from their apartments or homes.  The lodge is established, and they will be accepting patients this month, but donations are very necessary for this project.


Judith Weeg, President LDUC

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