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Contributing factors for #Lyme Disease: Why don’t we get better after treatment?

Hello Again Dear Readers,

In recent months I’ve come to understand my illness much better than before. As I’ve said, Lyme Disease is not a stand-alone illness. It exists in a complicated framework of factors that make it so devastating and difficult to cure. I firmly believe that holistic treatment is the only way to solve it, especially for those of us who have been sick for multiple years.

I’m excited to learn about Connie Strasheim’s newest book: Beyond Lyme Disease. I think this book spells out the myriad factors of this illness and the pathway to healing. It helps to answer the question of why so many LD sufferers are still sick even after multiple and prolonged courses of antibiotics.

Here is a graphic from her website that I think is helpful.

The Wheel of Disease

I’m fortunate that I’m already addressing a number of these factors and that I have a LLND who treats me holistically. But there are still factors that I haven’t addressed, such as parasites, adrenal fatigue, and EMF pollution. My biggest stumbling block right now is detoxification. My body processes out toxins poorly, so I become quite ill from antimicrobials and other detox methods. I’m working on this problem with Richard Loyd’s protocol, but I also plan to look into acupuncture to help “open the detox pathways.” Otherwise I become dysfunctionally ill during treatment.

Here is a link to Connie’s page.



#Lyme Disease and Biotoxin Removal, Part Two

Hello to All,

After checking with my doctor, I have been following Richard Loyd’s detox protocol for about a month now. His protocol consists of absorbing bile toxins from the body with Cholestepure, doing foot detox with ionic foot baths and foot patches, and removing mold toxins from my home with a diffuser and detox oil.  See Dr. Loyd’s paper on mold detox at

So here is my report: My pain level is significantly reduced. I have little body pain and fewer, milder headaches. I currently have no food reactions. I am able to eat a wide variety of foods with no headaches. In fact, I’ve been eating too much and I’ve gained more weight than I needed. In addition, I have not observed side effects from treatment so far.

I have known for some time that when I’m flared up, all my symptoms flare, not just pain. When pain goes down, so do my other symptoms. I used to think these symptoms just co-existed. I now understand that reducing inflammation causes a reduction in my other symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

I will certainly not say that Loyd’s protocol is responsible for the reduction of symptoms. It could be a coincidence. If my doctor approves, I will continue with this toxin reduction protocol and restart anti-microbial treatment to see what happens. I’ve had temporary reprieves before. We’ll see how long this one lasts.

I know that this is a long road, and there are more challenges to come. But I’m encouraged by this reprieve and very pleased to be feeling better!

Good luck to all,