#Lyme Disease, Pain, and Despair

Hello Again to All,

I am in pain. Burning, unrelenting pain that extends from my middle back, into my shoulders, across my chest, up to the trapezoid muscles, up my neck, and surrounds my head. The headache is non-stop, despite prescription pain meds. I’m nauseated and fatigued. What is happening to me? I’m once again treating bartonella, that’s what.

I went through an unexpected and intense detox reaction in August and September after taking TWO drops of Byron White A-BART. I sailed though previous treatments with BW A-L Formula and A-BAB Formula. I felt great for several months in the spring and summer. And then I hit the proverbial wall. So I guess we have found my dominant infection. Which is a good thing, right? But how do I get through this? I can’t go around it. I must go through it. But how? For starters, I’m in full detox mode. For me this means omitting anything challenging to my body.

  • Stop/reduce intense detox and anti-microbial meds and supplements.
  • Use anti-inflammatories and supportive treatments, such as Quercetin, Meriva, Vitamin C.
  • Follow a liquid diet with vegan protein/fruit shakes and broths with well-cooked veggies if I tolerate them.
  • Do gentle detox, like extra coffee enemas, as needed.
  • Get a BioSET treatment to help my body cope.

These all help bring down the inflammation for me.

I have prescription pain meds to help take the edge off, but they leave me dopey and sleepy. I wind up padding aimlessly around the house, lying on the couch, being generally unproductive and feeling worthless. Then the fear sets in and I become a ball of insecurity. How am I supposed to go to work like this? How can I take care of the house? We’re going to run out of money if I can’t work. I can’t afford my medical bills, let alone all the other life expenses. Who would want to be around me? Who could love me like this? Ugh.

I rarely write about the emotional side of this illness. That’s because I rarely deal with it. I don’t deal well with anger, suffering, and pain. I don’t cry much. I bury my emotions and wear my repression like a badge of honor. I don’t complain. I’m in control, which means I must be strong, right?

I’ve done my share of therapy, and I still have a hard time releasing. I can squeeze out a couple of tears now and then, but a full-on good cry is rare. I just walk around in a state of semi-depression without the ability to engage the emotions on the far ends.

Is there a relationship between the emotional and physical inability to detox? Can you teach your body to detox better, or is it a genetic determination? How does one learn how to cry? By watching sad movies and bringing it on by catharsis? Any suggestions are appreciated. For now, I’m just trying to hang in there.



9 responses to “#Lyme Disease, Pain, and Despair

  1. Glutathione is my go-to for herx reactions. That and plenty of water and roughage to keep the bowels moving.

    I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. I’ve been let off so incredibly lightly in the pain stakes. Mine presents as more of a fatigue thing (I’ve been in bed/on the couch for 12 months now).

    I also find crying helps. Have you tried watching a sad movie? Sometimes that sets me off and I end up crying for like an hour, and it ends up about me and my life and not about the movie at all. It’s very cathartic.

    Hope you find something that helps soon x

  2. Glutithione drips help me.

  3. Wow, I am in so much pain right now, much as your post. I have never known much about detoxing, as my lyme doc has never focused on it much. By now I know that I must. Im hoping I will learn something here. For now, I am using burbur with samento.

    As for crying, I think it will come when the time is right for you. And it will be cathartic, but when you are done, the lyme and pain will still be there. When I get really bad, I focus my thoughts on the many friends I have who were really in bad shape from lyme, and who are symptom free now.

    Thanks for opening up with your story.


    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. Burbur also helps me with detox. So does Vitamin C, activated charcoal, Cholestepure, and coffee enemas.
      I wish I knew people who were symptom free. That would be very inspiring.

      Keep in touch!


  4. Yes. Miasms. I also fully believe that pesticides can be transmitted from tick to human blood. Miasms are blockages. More…later…

    • Osteopathic cranial sacral will help release blockages and reboot the nervous system. Also, will release endorphins to help with pain.Lyme affects nervous system greatly. Always get ekgs to see if heart blockages, mumur, etc. Also, get a tilt test done to see if orthostatic.

  5. I strongly recommend testing for toxins thru the lab, Metamatrix, and also the porythrin test, ion profile extensive, and detox impairment test. I love detox, in general, but as toxins released, can be harsh and dangeroys, so important to know if dealing with chem exposures, mold, and heavy metals. If so, then build up body then gentle detox. If have detox impairment, the body will actually attract and overload on other toxins.

    • Google Dr. Rhea, Dallas Texas. Search specifically for his MD ongoing training protocal for physicians where he outlines the affects on every body organ. It is one of the best outlines, ever.

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