Lyme Disease and Frequency (Rife Machine) Therapy

This year I underwent 5 months of antibiotic treatment for Borrelia and Babesia. I think it did me some good as the dizziness and vertigo subsided. Unfortunately, I wound up with digestive problems, increased fatigue, and depression after the ABX. My doctor rotated me onto herbs. Both Samento and Banderol (cat’s claw and otoba) gave me wicked headaches. I’m now on teasel root and it really wipes me out, even at a low dose of 1 drop every three days.

I also finally decided to try frequency therapy (aka a Rife machine) to help kill off the spirochetes. Members of my local Lyme Disease community who recovered said that this was an important part of their treatment. They also said that it caused a definite herx reaction. I wanted to know what a true herx felt like, as opposed to a medication side effect.

For those of you unfamiliar with so-called Rife machines, here is the lowdown. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was an American scientist who built the first high powered microscope in the 1930’s. He also discovered that all organisms have their own electromagnetic “signature” – a specific pattern of oscillation. He then discovered that viruses, bacteria, parasites, and even cancer cells could be destroyed by intensifying those frequencies until the organisms explode, just as an intense musical note can shatter a wine glass. Dr. Rife then invented a frequency machine to vibrate and destroy the organisms. His original technology was lost (not an accident according to those who believe it was an act of pharmaceutical company sabotage) but modern replicas exist.

Proponents of frequency therapy say there are benefits. No antibiotic resistance. Penetration into deep areas of the body that ABX miss, such as the brain. No side effects. No toxicity. No damage to beneficial flora. No yeast overgrowth. But this therapy is considered experimental and alternative. It is not FDA approved. Your doctor will not tell you about it for fear of risking their medical license. When I asked my doctor about it he said it was a good thing to do – unofficially, of course.

I started using this therapy weekly in September. I’m using a GB 4000 frequency generator with a MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) and a plasma tube. I get what seems to be a true herx response: aches, profound fatigue, mild fever. I don’t get my typical toxicity headache. This lasts for about 30 hours and then subsides.

After my initial experiment killing Borrelia spirochetes with frequency, I’m now following an established 7-day frequency protocol to kill Candida. My first treatment left me feeling exhausted and achy, so I’m assuming it’s doing something. I’ll keep at it and see what happens.

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7 responses to “Lyme Disease and Frequency (Rife Machine) Therapy

  1. Hi there, really interested to stumble across your blog as I searched online for lymes and candida link. Can I ask, how and when you got your lymes diagnosis? The uk doesn’t seem very good at this..thanks

    • Hi Sue,

      I got my Lyme diagnosis in October of 2011 in Portland, Oregon by a naturopath. I had the diagnosis confirmed by another naturopath and a holistic MD in Seattle, Washington. I had a western blot test by the Igenex Lab that was positive.

  2. HI Laura, thanks for replying. I’m waiting for results of an ELISA test, but i hear these can be inconclusive anyway. Good luck with your treatment – I hope you start to feel better soon.

  3. Hi! My mom has lyme disease and we are looking for some anectodal evidence of rife machine successes to encourage her to keep at it. Could you kindly give an update on how you have been and if u continued with the rife

    Thank u so much.

    • Hi,

      All I can say is that I’m slowly improving. Whether this is due to ABX, herbs, detox, or rife I cannot say for sure. I can tell you that I get the classic herx response when I do a rife session, especially after trying new frequencies. I know of others in my community who are in remission from Lyme and rife was part of their protocol. I hope this helps!

      • I live in Portland and want to use this therapy. Where can I find it to use it?

      • Hi Alex,

        There is a place called Chelsea’s Sanctuary in Lafayette, OR. They have rife machines and other frequency healing devices that patients can use for a donation. Good luck!



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