Progress Report July, 2016

Hello To All,

I find that my recent posts all begin with the phrase, “I haven’t written in a while…” When I started this blog I was newly diagnosed with Lyme Disease and I felt hopeful and confident that I would make a full recovery. Four and a half years later I’m still struggling, although a number of debilitating symptoms have improved. I ask myself, why do I still blog? What do I have to offer people except an ongoing experiment that may or may not fully work? I guess that I write for myself to chronicle the process, to help process my feelings, and clarify my thoughts on how to move forward. Mostly, I hope others can learn from all this and recover.

So, where am I in the process?

Symptoms that have improved since 2010:

  • Vertigo (started in 2011 and improved in 2014)
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache frequency and severity
  • Food intolerance (major victory!)

What still plagues me:

  • Brain fog
  • Fatigue (worse)
  • Anxiety (worse)
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Insomnia (worsened in 2012)
  • Adrenal and thyroid problems
  • Chronic yeast (worse since ABX)
  • Headaches
  • Mild dizziness/lightheadedness (worse in recent weeks)
  • Tinnitus (worse)
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • General fragility

As far as I know I have four underlying problems that are interrelated:

  1. Tick-borne infections
  2. Mercury and lead poisoning
  3. Chronic yeast
  4. Mold intolerance

My doctor thinks that I got on top of the Borrelia and Babesia. (Hurray!) I will continue to use natural antimicrobials and a Rife machine for these bugs. Unfortunately, my doctors can only guess what’s driving the rest of my symptoms.

I’ve been using a high fat diet to improve mitochondrial function, known as the Mito Food Plan. I haven’t noticed any positive effects. Yeast treatment and detox continue to be my most important treatments. However, when I stop the prescription antifungals I relapse, despite a moderate carb, low sugar diet. I’m still trying natural antifungals to see if I tolerate them and if they are effective.

The frustrating thing is the variability of my symptoms. I felt so well last summer and fall, then relapsed during the winter/spring. Despite the frustration, I still believe that my body can heal if given the right tools. So in the coming weeks I plan to research treatments for my remaining problems, talk to my doctor, and create a plan. I suspect that I need more work on the mold and metals part of the problem. This will be the focus of my upcoming posts.



2 responses to “Progress Report July, 2016

  1. Laura Gail Grohe

    I always appreciate hearing what you have to say, and reading your blog always makes me feel less alone. I too my dealing with lyme (took over 25 years to finally get diagnosed!), lead & thallium poisoning, damage from toxic mold, and chemical sensitivity.

    I wanted to let you know about 2 things that have helped enormously–both of which have solid science behind them. The first (and most miraculous) is a form of coq10 developed by scientists in New Zeland, theyactually found a way to penetrate the mitocondria, which (as I understand it) then allows the mitocondria to heal. I’ve been taking it for a couple of years now & it has had a profound impact on my brain and energy. I recently ran out for a week, after 4 days my confusion had gone from mild to almost crippling. You can learn more at the website

    The other huge help has been lithium orotate. It has helped a lot with the brain fog and my mood. I’m going to add a 3rd thing to my list–Theanine. My anxiety is so, so much better with theanine. One of the secrets to taking theanine is that not all brands are alike! Some have been a little helpful, while others have really impacted my life.

    Good luck, and please keep writing!

    • Hi. Thanks a lot for the information. I’ve taken good quality CoQ10 but never the mitoQ. I’ll look into it. I’ve taken lithium orotate but not consistently. I try to minimize the number of pills I take due to the expense and the fact that my body gets overwhelmed easily. Maybe I should try this one again. And I, too, take theanine every day. It helps me with sleep. So do other amino acids and high CBD marijuana. I have been using Doctor’s Best brand and it seems to work. What brand do you like?

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