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#Lyme Disease Treatment with Andrographis Update

Hello To All,

I started taking the herb andrographis last month to help kill off the remaining borrelia. Both my naturopath and my LLMD thought this would be a good choice for me. So I started off with 1 pill per day with the intention of working up slowly.


My reaction to it was quite strong at first. I’m happy to say that I didn’t get a migraine, which is my usual signal that I don’t tolerate a substance. What I did get were classic die-off symptoms: fatigue, achiness, chills, irritability, and anxiety just for added fun. I slowly worked my way up to 2 pills per day 3 days per week. The recommended dose is 4 pills per day. It got easier, but it was still tough. But I felt optimistic because I knew that I was making progress.

Then I had a setback. I went a little wild with food while out of town and my yeast symptoms returned. I started on the Ampho B/Diflucan/Nystatin combination that has served me well in the past, but this time I crashed hard. It was probably the combination of the andrographis and the drugs. I had to stop the andrographis temporarily. It took about two weeks for my symptoms to subside. I feel much better this past week. It’s frustrating, though. Ever since the antibiotics, the yeast just keeps coming back. I’m looking into more long-term solutions for this, such as: systemic enzymes, iodine, monolaurin, and different probiotics.

On a positive note, some remarkable things happened in the last few months. I had some days where I felt great! Not just okay, not just good, but great! My sensitivity to food markedly decreased. I also woke up one day thinking that I’m finally healing and that I will make a full recovery. Is this false hope? I don’t know. But I’ve learned to pay closer attention to my body and listen to my intuition. It steers me in the right direction when I’m willing to listen to it.



Progress Report September, 2015

Hello To All,

I haven’t posted to my blog in months. I went through hell on antibiotics in the spring, and I felt like taking a break from it all this summer. On a positive note, I felt quite good from late June through August. Here is an update.

As I mentioned in the spring, I’ve been using a frequency generator (aka a Rife machine) for 12 months now to kill off the borrelia. My doctor is very supportive of this, but says that I need something to kill the dormant or cyst form of the infection. I tried grapefruit seed extract and that gave me horrendous headaches. Ditto for Samento and Banderol. I then tried Tinidazole. I lasted on that for three months and crashed hard with gut and yeast problems. I stopped the ABX, kept rifing and doing some serious detox over the summer and lo and behold, I felt pretty decent! In particular, I went back on three Pekana detox remedies (Apo-hepat, Itires, and Renelix). I’ve come to realize that these remedies are super helpful for me.

I started on the herb Cumanda this past month. I stopped it because it, too gave me horrendous headaches. My naturopath suggested that I try andrographis. According to Stephen Buhner, this herb also kills the cyst form of borrelia.

So, where am I after almost 4 years of treatment? I’m not yet recovered, but I have made progress. I’m just getting frustrated and impatient at how long this is taking. I want to go back to work. I want to have fun. I want my life back!

I was feeling a bit despondent this month. I went to see author Katina Makris talk about her recovery from Lyme. (She is the one who wrote Out of the Woods. She has a new book out and she is touring). I felt a renewed sense of hope after hearing her talk. Her recovery took a long time, too. But she’s doing great now!

I try to remain hopeful. I also try to remember that there are many pathways to healing from Lyme, and many people who do indeed recover. So I keep slogging away at it.



#Lyme Disease and Rife Machines Part 2

Hello to All,

I haven’t felt like writing in a while. I’ve been in a holding pattern waiting to see how I felt after several months of killing Borrelia with a Rife machine. This technology is pretty new to me and I’m trying to understand it better. I’m also trying to decide how much faith to put in a treatment that is so alternative.

When I last wrote, my doctor had put me on Teasel root. This herbal antimicrobial made me miserable even though I reduced my dose to 1/10 of a drop once per week. I had profound fatigue, headaches, muscle weakness, shakiness, and light-headedness even at this low dose. My doctor agreed with me that these were side effects and not worth it for me. We discussed alternate medications, especially ones that would be compatible with rifing. He suggested tinidazole.

According to people knowledgeable about Rife machines, using antibiotics is counterproductive to rifing. Antibiotics can cause resistance and drive the pathogens deeper into the tissues as they avoid exposure to the drugs. Certain ABX can be used intermittently while rifing, such as cyst busters like metronidazole or tinidazole. I just read Bryan Rosner’s book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines and he says this as well.

I’m doing a treatment protocol that increases the time and number of frequencies as you can tolerate it.  I’m following auto channels recommended to me. Auto channels cycle through groups of frequencies. I started with channel 466, then I added 467. I just added channel 468 on top of those two. That will cover about 100 frequencies against Lyme spirochetes, hatchlings, eggs, and Babesia. The nice thing about the GB-4000 is that it can run 8 frequencies at once, so you can cover a lot of ground.

As for my response, I had 30-hour flu-like herx responses to the treatments for a number of sessions. The herxes decreased so I added time and more frequencies until I herxed again. I just started the tinidazole, so we’ll see what that does to me…



Lyme Disease Treatment and Fatigue

Hello All,

As I mentioned in a previous post, I started taking a new herbal antimicrobial  tincture called Quintessence from Bio Pure (Dr. Klinghardt’s company). This tincture contains five herbs popularized by the herbalist Stephen Buhner:

1)      Andrographis (modulates autoimmunity, protects heart tissue, and is anti-inflammatory for the central nervous system)

2)      Japanese Knotweed (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune modulating, antioxidant)

3)      Ceanothus (for coagulation problems, sluggishness in the spleen, liver, and lymphatics. Also antimicrobial for certain coinfections like Bartonella.)

4)      Smilax

5)      Stephania (powerful for eye and ear involvement, balance problems, Bell’s palsy,  anti-inflammatory,

I started at 1 drop per day and am slowly working my way up to 30 drops 3x per day as directed. I’m happy to say that it didn’t disagree with me for the first few weeks. Then as I approached 20 drops 3x per day, Wham! The fatigue and malaise hit me like a city bus. I assume that I’ve hit a therapeutic dose and am experiencing die-off, aka, a Herxheimer reaction.

When you tell healthy people that you have fatigue, they say, “Oh yes, I get tired sometimes, too.”

Ahem. I politely try to explain to them the fatigue associated with Lyme Disease and die-off.  I say, “Remember when you had the flu? Remember how you couldn’t get off the couch for more than a few minutes and then you had to lie down again? And you felt like crap? Yah, it’s like that… but for days and weeks on end.”

Usually, my fatigue is mild. I have about 4 productive hours a day, then I have to rest in the afternoon,  take a short nap, and then I have some functionality in the evening again. But this time the fatigue is crushing. I may have a few mildly productive hours in the morning, and then I’m through. I HAVE to lie down. Ugh. I know some of you out there have it way worse than me, and my heart goes out to you.

I know that low thyroid and poor adrenal function also contribute to the fatigue. Unfortunately, when I take T3/T4 thyroid meds or certain herbs for adrenals, they are far too stimulating for me and exacerbate the heart palpitations. I’ll write more on this subject next time.

So what to do now?

  • Back off the Quintessence
  • Step up the detox with binders and vitamin C, use a sauna, etc…
  • Start taking Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) for adrenals and fatigue (given to me by my doctor)
  • Take Co Q 10 and L-Carnitine for cellular energy production and cardiovascular support.
  • Have a Bioset treatment. This can really calm a bad Herx reaction for me.

And when I feel bad enough I take Tramadol as needed. Tramadol is one of my rescue medications. Not only is it great for acute headaches and body pain, but it works wonders for feelings of general malaise and misery.



Lyme Flares and Detox

Lyme Flares and Detoxing

Hello again dear readers. It’s been a while since my last post. Luckily, this is because I’ve been enjoying summer. I visited family in the Midwest, went up to gorgeous Lake Pend d’Oreilles, and started working again! I’ve been doing part-time freelance technical editing from home – a perfect job for me right now.

So I was going along just fine, and then starting on July 31, the misery returned. Chronic daily headaches, fatigue, heat sensitivity, dizziness, insomnia, some nausea, and general malaise. I have learned enough about my body in the last year to understand that this is a toxicity reaction. So now I’m left wondering what happened?

My doctor started me on the Byron White anti-microbial formula, A-BART, for bartonella. I took one drop in water. Then two days later I took a second drop. And I haven’t felt right since. This, coupled with the hot weather, could be the culprit. Luckily, the work I’m doing is not stressful, but perhaps the EMF output from my laptop is also irritating.

I have known for several years now that I react poorly to heat and direct sunlight. From what I’ve read, Lyme pathogens and their ilk don’t like heat. Intense heat causes die-off, and then you’re supposed to sweat out the toxins. Except that I hardly sweat. Even in a sauna, it takes 20+ minutes for me to start a good sweat. I don’t excrete well in general, either emotionally or physically. Knowing this, I need to help my body as much as I can to expel toxins. Especially now that I know I have a chronic infection.

After doing much research, I’ve devised the following detox plan:

  • 500 mg quercetin, 3x per day (antihistamine)
  • 100 mg milk thistle 1 – 3x per day (aids the liver)
  • Easy to digest foods and daily green smoothies

Daily intense treatment as needed:

  • 5 – 10 g buffered vitamin C
  • Coffee enema shortly after
  • Warm/hot epsom salt bath immediately after

This, coupled with 1 – 2 g of acetaminophen, made me feel much better today. The headache is gone for now, and I feel clear headed and focused. I will also start more frequent sauna sessions to see if this helps. I’ve also read about people drinking bentonite clay to pull toxins out of the digestive tract. Sounds like it’s worth a try.

I’m also trying to remain positive and fight the depression that settled over me. I was feeling so good in the spring that I thought, “I’m on the mend! Things will only improve from here!” But from everything I’ve read, this is a long journey that will require constant vigilance over my health for years to come. That, in and of itself, is a bit depressing. If you read a lot of Lyme blogs, you know that people takes years to recover, and continue to relapse. I keep hoping that if I give my body what it needs, that I will make a full recovery. As a matter of fact, I insist on it being that way and will accept nothing less. So the fight continues.

–        Laura

Byron White Formulas and Their Use in Lyme Disease

I came across this article from the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine:

The article focuses on treatment of LD with Byron White Formulas, which are broad-spectrum, herbal, anti-microbial agents. The article helps to explain Lyme Disease as a multi-factorial illness, whose treatment involves addressing the disease in a multi-faceted way: killing the pathogens, detoxification, and immune system support.

I like this article because it helps the reader understand that LD is much more than a simple infection. In the very beginning the disease can be successfully treated with a simple antibiotic regimen. But when the infection is left undiagnosed and untreated for years it penetrates the CNS and organs, and affects the immune system and the entire body in myriad ways. As everyone is different, the disease manifests itself somewhat differently in each patient.

I often cite sources from the alternative medicine camp. As a scientifically minded person who worked in medical research for ten years, I would prefer more scientific papers and information from conventional medicine. Unfortunately, it does not seem that conventional medicine has a true understanding of the chronic, late-stage form of Lyme Disease at this time. All of the groundbreaking and truly helpful information I come across is from the alt. med. perspective. And, indeed, I am slowly overcoming this disease with help of an Integrative Medicine/Naturopathic practitioner. I look forward to the day where allopathic and alternative medicine join forces and provide integrative, holistic care for all of us.

– Laura

Current Treatment Protocol, March 2012

Current Treatment Protocol as of March 2012

For anyone interested, here is my current treatment protocol as of March, 2012. I am being treated by a Lyme-Literate Naturopathic Doctor (LLND). She treats Lyme with both pharmaceutical and herbal antibiotics.  I opted for a gentler, herbal treatment to start. If necessary, I will do the pharmaceuticals. This is a long post, so bear with me.

I am using a comprehensive approach to overcome this illness:

  1. Kill off the infection
  2. Support the body’s detoxification pathways
  3. Desensitize the body from multiple “allergies” that developed as a result of the infection
  4. Physical and emotional release of trauma (both at the root of, and a result of chronic pain)


  • Byron White formula: A-BAB, 7 drops 2x per day (an herbal antibiotic, specifically for Babesia). Previously on B.W. A-L Formula for three months. Beware: these can cause significant die-off.
  • Lauricidin: 7 pellets before bed (generally antimicrobial, esp.  antifungal, antiviral) Beware: can cause significant die-off.
  • Garlic cloves: insert vaginally overnight for yeast flare. Don’t laugh – this is very effective.
  • Fluconazole: for yeast flares

Detox Support:

  • Cal/Mag Butyrate: 4 capsules with lunch and dinner (helps intestinal repair, reduces food reactions, anti-candida)
  • Interfase Plus (contains digestive enzymes and EDTA to break up biofilms) 2 capsules, 2x per day
  • Digestive enzymes before meals
  • Chlorella with every meal
  • Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) daily
  • Meriva Curcumin (anti-inflammatory) daily
  • 60+ oz filtered water daily
  • Coffee enemas weekly. Don’t laugh – this is very effective. You want to use special coffee for this purpose: S.A. Wilson’s. More on this later.
  • BioSet treatments (see below)

Vitamins and Minerals:

  • Calcium/magnesium/zinc (1000/500/15mg) daily
  • Vitamin D: 5,000 units per day
  • B Vitamins: Folate, B6, B12 daily


  • Bio-identical progesterone cream morning and evening 21 days per month (for PMS caused by low progesterone)
  • Natural thyroid: 45mg every AM

Mood Support:

  • St. John’s wort

Sleep Support:

  • 5mg melatonin
  • 200 mg L-theanine (supports Gaba)
  • 2 capsules Kavinace (supports Gaba)


  • BioSet (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy): It integrates traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure together with contemporary approaches to applied immunology and nutrition. The BioSET System employs three basic treatments: organ-specific detoxification, enzyme therapy, and desensitization. I think of it as Biofeedback via the body’s energetic pathways. Also helps to open the detox pathways and prepare you for antimicrobial treatment. And you can continue to self-treat at home. I no longer suffer from food sensitivities! I will devote an entire page to this remarkable therapy soon.
  • Psychotherapy with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “Tapping”) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming). Excellent work for reprogramming the body after trauma. It is important to remember that trauma can cause chronic pain, but chronic pain can also cause trauma! This is the only psychotherapy that has ever been truly helpful to me. And you can continue to self-treat at home. I will write more on this treatment soon.

Diet: (mostly organic)

  • I try to get nine cups of fruits and vegetables per day. Intensive nutrition is key to recovering from chronic illness of any kind. I am starting to juice to accomplish this.
  • High quality proteins: grass fed meat, organic poultry, and fish
  • Beans
  • Low grains
  • Low sugar
  • Low alcohol (one of my weaknesses!)
  • Minimal dairy – eat goat or sheep cheese when possible
  • Avoid processed “dead” food
  • Avoid additives and preservatives
  • Plenty of good fat: oils, nuts, seeds
  • 3g high quality fish oil per day

Pharmaceuticals: (I rely on these less now)

  • Tylenol for moderate pain
  • Tramodol for intense pain
  • Sumatriptan for severe headaches
  • Ambien for insomnia (if natural supplements fail)
  • Fluconazole for yeast flare-ups
  • Xanax for anxiety/panic

Previous medicines/therapies: Alternative

  • Removal of amalgam fillings in 2010. Replaced with composite or hypo-allergenic gold
  • Intravenous chelation for heavy metals from 2010 to 2011 (could not feel the benefit, but was necessary in my opinion)
  • 6 months of intense anti-fungal therapy in 2011 with fluconazole, Amphotericin-B, and Nystatin (helpful)
  • Anti-fungal treatment with oral Nystatin 2008 – 2010 (helpful)
  • Acupuncture (temporary pain relief only)
  • Chiropractic (not helpful)

Previous medicines/therapies: Conventional

Before this, I tried numerous medications and treatments to prevent the pain. None of them worked. Here are the ones I remember:

  • At least five different antidepressants
  • Anti seizure (Topamax)
  • At least two different anti-hypertensives (propranolol, etc…)
  • Nerve pain meds (Neurontin, Lyrica)
  • Anti-anxiety meds (Xanax)
  • Physical therapy (not helpful)
  • Psychotherapy (not helpful for pain, somewhat helpful for emotional problems)

Next steps:

  • Arteminisin (per Dietrich Klinghardt protocol)
  • Switch to other BW formulas to kill off co-infections

I am very pleased with my course of treatment in the last six months. My pain level is significantly lower! I also believe that the BioSet was a turning  point for me. These treatments rid me of food sensitivities and vulvodynia pain. I will continue them as long as I can afford them. I hope viewers find this information useful.

– Laura