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Please feel free to email me with questions, comments, or suggestions. I would love to hear other people’s experiences treating Lyme Disease.


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  1. Laura, Thanks for sharing your experience. I am so glad that you now have a diagnosis and can move towards a more healthy future. Is your naturopath working with alopaths at Providence and the state epidemiologist? I know that Oregon had tracked Lyme disease infection rates, but it is mostly un or under reported. I encourage you to contact the Health Department and would be glad to work with you to help educate other clinicians. Kudos to you for your persistence and willingness to share your story.

  2. The site is excellent- tons of info but readable and written with a human voice. I think you should create a FB page so you and your readers can have ongoing conversations.

  3. Hi-Does Cal Mag Butyrate mop of toxins in the gut?

    • It’s not a binder like charcoal, clay, or resins, no. But is adds butyric acid and helps with detox and is soothing. It has helped me with quite a few food reactions.

      Lately, I’ve been using a binder, charcoal, 30 min before eating. That is great stuff. No food headaches after eating. I’ll do a post on this soon.


  4. Hi Laura 🙂
    I found your article on the Mood Cure protocol. I was curious about the Phenibut and how that worked for you because I didn’t see her mention that in the book anywhere. I get anxiety attacks and am just starting out on the 5htp and St. John’s wort. I have read mixed things about the phenibut. I would love to hear your thoughts!

    • Hi Lindsay,

      I used phenibut on and off for several years for sleep. It worked very well for me, but I found that I needed to keep increasing the dose over time to get the same effect. I stopped taking it because I was afraid to develop dependence/addiction. If you haven’t already read this, phenibut is very addictive, just as drugs in the benzodiazepine family are. The withdrawals can be nasty. You can use it for a few days, but then take a few days off in between. Our gaba receptors can be damaged quite easily.

      Unfortunately, I am back on low doses of Ambien for sleep. I never had a true addiction or withdrawal reaction from Ambien, but i am probably dependent on it right now. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser of evils. Sleep is non-negotiable!

      My anxiety is much better, by the way. Treating Babesia helped it. Doing therapy with EFT and EMDR helped. Using pharma gaba, taurine, and glycine have also helped me.


  5. Hi. Would you be willing to private message me? I wanted to ask you some questions. Thanks.

  6. Hi wondering if u are better ? I’m struggling and it’s taking so long to get better

    • Hi Natalie,

      I’ve improved considerably but I’m not done. Both my doctor and I think that my symptoms caused by borrelia and babesia are under control (such as the joint pain, panic, and neurological symptoms). We suspect that my remaining symptoms originate from infections in my gut (yeast and who knows what else). Maybe viruses and parasites, too.

      It is incredibly frustrating that this takes so long. Some people get better within a year. I’ve been treating since October of 2011.


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