My Current Treatment Protocol

New! Current Treatment Protocol as of October, 2016

Here is my current treatment protocol. I am being treated by a Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). He uses a comprehensive approach with pharmaceutical antibiotics, herbs, and supplements for support.

 I am using a comprehensive approach to treating this illness:

  • Kill off infections
  • Support the body’s detoxification
  • Restore deficiencies and imbalances created by the disease
  • Desensitize the body from multiple “allergies” that developed as a result of the infection
  • Physical and emotional release of trauma (both at the root of, and a result of chronic pain)


  1. Doing a trial of nano colloidal silver
  2. Amphotericin-B
  3. Nystatin
  4. Diflucan

 Support and detox:

  1. Liposomal glutathione for detox
  2. Probiotics: Prescript Assist and HMF Forte
  3. Maca for energy
  4. Charcoal for detox
  5. Vitamin C, 1.5 g daily
  6. Methylated B vitamins
  7. Mg citrate to keep bowels moving
  8. L-glutamine for gut
  9. Vitamin D: 4,000 units per day
  10. L-tyrosine for thyroid, energy, and mood
  11. Tri-quench iodine 2x per week for thyroid


  • Bio-identical progesterone cream morning and evening 16 days per month (for PMS caused by low progesterone)

 Mood Support:

  • L-tryptophan and exercise (see The Mood Cure by Julia Ross)
  • L-tyrosine
  • Phenibut/glycine/taurine for anxiety

 For sleep: (I am a chronic insomniac)

  1. Gabapentin 200 mg (down from 1200)
  2. L-tryptophan, 4g per day
  3. Ashwagandha
  4. Melatonin 9mg slow release
  5. High CBD cannabis
  6. Phenibut, 900mg 3x per week


  • Frequency therapy (aka Rife machine)
  • BioSet (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy): It integrates traditional Chinese medicine and acupressure together with contemporary approaches to applied immunology and nutrition. The BioSET System employs three basic treatments: organ-specific detoxification, enzyme therapy, and desensitization. I think of it as Biofeedback via the body’s energetic pathways. Also helps to open the detox pathways and prepare you for antimicrobial treatment. And you can continue to self-treat at home. I now rarely suffer from food sensitivities!
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “Tapping”). Excellent work for reprogramming the body after trauma. It is important to remember that trauma can cause chronic pain, but chronic pain can also cause trauma! This and EMDR have been truly helpful to me. And you can continue to self-treat at home.
  • Coffee retention enemas as needed. Don’t laugh – this is very effective for toxicity-related pain. There is a special coffee for this purpose: S.A. Wilson’s.
  • Infrared sauna sessions, 2 – 3x per week

Diet: (mostly organic)

  • Dukan Diet: high protein, low fat, low carb, NO sugar or fruit
  • Avoid additives, preservatives, and processed “dead” food

Pharmaceuticals: (I need less than before)

  • Tramadol for moderate pain
  • Sumatriptan for severe headaches

Previous medicines/therapies: Alternative

  • Removal of six amalgam fillings in 2010. Replaced with composite or hypo-allergenic gold
  • Intravenous chelation for heavy metals from 2010 to 2011 (could not feel the benefit, but was necessary to reduce toxic burden)
  • 6 months of intense anti-fungal therapy in 2011 with fluconazole, Amphotericin-B, and Nystatin (helpful but temporary)
  • Anti-fungal treatment with oral Nystatin 2008 – 2010 (helpful)
  • Acupuncture (benefits were very temporary)
  • Chiropractic (not helpful)

Previous medicines/therapies: Conventional

Before this, I tried numerous medications and treatments to help the chronic pain and fatigue. None of them worked. Here are the ones I remember:

  • At least five different antidepressants
  • Anti seizure (Topamax)
  • At least two different anti-hypertensives (propranolol, etc…)
  • Nerve pain meds (Neurontin, Lyrica)
  • Physical therapy (not helpful)
  • Psychotherapy (not helpful for pain, somewhat helpful for emotional problems)

7 responses to “My Current Treatment Protocol

  1. Very interesting. I am in a journey similar to yours sounds like. As you know, Lyme would appear to be a very complex illness. Some experts think most people have it. I have also heard that emotional issues revolving root chakra or “clan/tribal/family/birth” issues are often at the core of this problem.


  2. I’ve also wondered if you’ve tried nanoized silver such as Advanced Cellular Silver by results rna?

  3. Laura

    Thank you for your honesty and sharing your road your on. My wife is on the Lyme path for 34 years, has been an interesting one, very challenging.

    May God bless you

    Chris and Nancy

  4. Laura,
    I just found your blog and have found it interesting, particularly your post about vulvodynia. I was diagnosed with vulvodynia about 17 years ago. It was a terribly scary time as few docs knew what it was, so I was treated like a hypochondriac, which even I started to believe —- talk about doing a number on one’s mental status!

    Fortunately for me, the vulvodynia symptoms mysteriously disappeared after about a year or so. Looking back on that and other mysterious problems, I guess that was the beginning of my undiagnosed Lyme battle.

    When I finally got a diagnosis many years later, I cured my Lyme and bartonella using a doug coil machine. That was 7 years ago. I have since learned that I have been re-infected — no suprise since I live on 15 wooded acres — and am beginning the journey again.

    At least, it isn’t quite so terrifying this time.

    I appreciate your post about gum issues. That is one of my current issues now. I am hoping that my gum issue is Lyme-related and not some other unknown bacteria. I can deal with it if the cause is Lyme.

    Best wishes to you,

    • Hi Tina,

      Hang in there! I’m sure this battle will go much better than the first one. I’m glad to hear you had success with a Doug coil machine. I just started using a “Rife” machine myself. I’ve heard many good things about them.


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